Australia, Asia & Alaska : Vancouver to Sydney

See cultural & natural treasures

Combine Komodo & the Australian Coast, Bangkok, Bali & Beyond, Southeast Asia & Hong Kong, Far Eastern Horizons and North Pacific Passage for a remarkable 79-day journey. From Australia and Indonesia to Indochina and the northern reaches of America's 'Last Frontier, ' join locals and delve with them into an astonishing array of cultural treasures and breathtaking natural wonders. Overnights in 13 ports bring your destinations into sharp focus.



  • One complimentary shore excursion in every port of call
  • Free Wi-Fi (connection speed may vary)
  • Beer, wine & soft drinks with onboard lunch & dinner
  • 24-hour specialty coffees, teas & bottled water
  • Port taxes & fees
  • Ground transfers with Viking Air purchase
  • Visits to UNESCO Sites
  • Enrichment lectures & Destination Performances
  • Access to The Nordic Spa & state-of-the-art fitness center
  • Self-service launderettes
  • Alternative restaurant dining at no extra charge
  • 24-hour room service


  • King-size Viking Explorer Bed with luxury linen
  • 42" flat-screen LCD TV with intuitive remote & complimentary Movies On Demand
  • Large private bathroom with spacious glass-enclosed shower, heated floor, anti-fog mirror & hair dryer
  • Premium Freyja toiletries
  • Direct-dial satellite phone and cell service
  • Security safe
  • 110/220 volt outlets
  • Ample USB ports

    Day By Day

    Day 1 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    Discover scenic Vancouver, set between mountains and the sea, and its rich heritage.

    Day 2 - Scenic Sailing: The Inside Passage

    Enjoy the scenic landscape and look out for animals in their natural habitat.

    Day 3 - Ketchikan, United States

    Learn about the native craft and legends of totem poles or venture to Alaska's misty fjords.

    Day 4 - Sitka, United States

    Marvel at the beauty of Mt. Edgecumbe volcano and Sitka Sound; stroll through Totem Park.

    Day 5 - Scenic Sailing: Glacier Bay

    Keep watch for icebergs and calving glaciers as you sail the striking waters of Glacier Bay.

    Day 6 - Scenic Sailing: Yakutat Bay

    Witness some of Alaska's pristine beauty; pass Yakutat Bay on the journey to Hubbard Glacier.

    Day 7 - Valdez, United States

    Discover this small fishing town or capture views of glaciers by helicopter, boat or kayak.

    Day 8 - Seward, United States

    Browse the Alaska SeaLife Center or learn about dogsledding at this gateway to the Iditarod.

    Day 9 - Kodiak, United States

    Uncover 200-plus years of history as you stroll the city; shop for crafts at Bear Town Market.

    Day 10 - Scenic Sailing: Gulf of Alaska

    Sail the Gulf of Alaska, surrounded by lush forests, mountains and gleaming glaciers.

    Day 11 - Dutch Harbor, United States

    Absorb rich island heritage as you explore this Unalaska charming town on your own.

    Day 12 - Sail the Bering Sea

    Sail the Bering Sea, named for explorer Vitus Bering, who chartered these waters in 1728.

    Day 13 - Cross the International Date Line

    Journey into the 'future ' and raise a glass to celebrate this time-honored tradition.

    Day 14-16 - Sail the North Pacific Ocean

    Sail the mighty North Pacific Ocean, where the Pacific meets the colder climes of the Arctic.

    Day 17-18 - Sail the Okhotsk Sea

    Sail the waters of the Okhotsk Sea, home to one of the world's most abundant fishing grounds.

    Day 19 - Sapporo (Otaru), Japan

    Explore highlights, including the Hokkaido Shrine or sample culinary specialties and sake.

    Day 20 - Sapporo (Otaru), Japan

    Sample the nation's white-chocolate cookies, Shiroi Koibito; experience market culture.

    Day 21 - Scenic Sailing: Tsugaro Strait

    Sail the Tsugaru Strait, surrounded by the slopes of Japan's dramatic coastal mountains.

    Day 22 - Tokyo, Japan

    Explore Japan's center of education, economics and culture; see local landmarks and shrines.

    Day 23 - Tokyo, Japan

    Admire Tokyo's skyline from one of the many observation decks in the city.

    Day 24 - Tokyo, Japan

    Learn more about Tokyo's history, or stroll the serene pathways of Kiyosumi Gardens.

    Day 25 - Shimizu, Japan

    Admire the scenic beauty and stunning vistas of Mt. Udo, Mt. Fuji and the Miho Peninsula.

    Day 26 - Shimizu, Japan

    Shimizu, long a thriving harbor town, exports green tea leaves cultivated in nearby hills.

    Day 27 - Osaka, Japan

    Witness Osaka's ancient shrines and imperial history or venture to fascinating Kyoto.

    Day 28 - Hiroshima, Japan

    Learn about the city's decades-long restoration and visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

    Day 29 - Hiroshima, Japan

    Explore resilient Hiroshima, gloriously rebuilt as a modern, forward-looking city.

    Day 30 - Beppu, Japan

    Experience the beauty of Yabakei Gorge or relax in one of the region's famous hot springs.

    Day 31 - Kagoshima, Japan

    Enjoy views of this bayside city including the Sakyrajima volcano; learn about bathing rituals.

    Day 32 - Nagasaki, Japan

    Discover this inspirational city, viewing statues in Nagasaki Peace Park; sample local cuisine.

    Day 33 - Sail the East China Sea

    Sail the East China Sea, a historic waterway linking China, Taiwan, Province of China, Japan and South Korea.

    Day 34 - Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China

    Experience this cosmopolitan city, visiting the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and Taipei 101.

    Day 35 - Sail the East China Sea

    Sail the East China Sea, a historic waterway linking China, Taiwan, Province of China, Japan and South Korea.

    Day 36 - Hong Kong, China

    See highlights from Victoria Peak to Victoria Harbour; go shopping in Stanley Market.

    Day 37 - Hong Kong, China

    View sampans and modern yachts as they ply the scenic waters of Hong Kong's sheltered harbor.

    Day 38 - Hong Kong, China

    Discover Hong Kong's long-cherished Eastern traditions amid modern Western sensibilities.

    Day 39 - Sail the South China Sea

    Sail the South China Sea, one of the world's busiest shipping lanes.

    Day 40 - Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

    Traverse the breathtaking Ha Long Bay amid the islands that rise from its emerald waters.

    Day 41 - Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

    Explore the striking natural beauty of Ha Long Bay by kayak, junk or seaplane.

    Day 42 - Hue (Chan May), Vietnam

    Visit Da Nang and learn about the Cham culture; venture to My Khe, known as 'China Beach. '

    Day 43 - Sail the South China Sea

    Sail the South China Sea and follow in the footsteps of 16th-century Portuguese traders.

    Day 44 - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Discover the city formerly known as Saigon and browse bustling Ben Thanh Market.

    Day 45 - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Admire Ho Chi Minh City's French-inspired architecture, set along picturesque boulevards.

    Day 46 - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Relax in open green spaces; observe locals taking outdoor classes, such as tai chi or dance.

    Day 47 - Scenic Sailing: Gulf of Thailand

    Sail the Gulf of Thailand, set amid mountains and home to Chinese white dolphins.

    Day 48 - Sihanoukville, Cambodia

    Meet monks at Wat Krom, stroll along Independence Beach and visit a local fishing village.

    Day 49 - Sihanoukville, Cambodia

    Explore tha mangroves of Ream National Park; meet Cambodian children at a local school.

    Day 50 - Bangkok, Thailand

    Explore Thailand's capital and its Chao Phraya River, Grand Palace and flavorful cuisine.

    Day 51 - Bangkok, Thailand

    Visit golden pagodas and spiritual shrines as you explore the streets of the Thai capital.

    Day 52 - Bangkok, Thailand

    Visit Bangkok's intriguing Chinatown, or cruise down the bustling Chao Phraya River.

    Day 53 - Scenic Sailing: Gulf of Thailand

    Traverse the Gulf of Thailand, home to idylic white sand shores and vibrant towns.

    Day 54 - Scenic Sailing: Strait of Malacca

    Navigate the narrow Strait of Malacca, dotted with alluring emerald-green pulaus, or islands.

    Day 55 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Witness a blend of architecture, from colonial gems to its modern-day skyline.

    Day 56 - Singapore, Singapore

    Visit Singapore's varied districts, Botanic Gardens or the futuristic Gardens by the Bay.

    Day 57 - Sail the Java Sea

    Sail in the wake of the Dutch East India Company's merchant ships in the Java Sea.

    Day 58 - Jakarta, Java, Indonesia

    Encounter Indonesia's colorful culture; browse the Wayang Museum of shadow puppetry.

    Day 59 - Jakarta, Java, Indonesia

    Explore Jakarta's rich tapestry of native and colonial traditions; sample local cuisine.

    Day 60 - Semarang, Indonesia

    Admire colonial architecture in this cosmopolitan city and venture to Borobudur Temple.

    Day 61 - Surabaya, Java, Indonesia

    Learn about the history and people; visit a local market and see a cultural performance.

    Day 62 - Bali (Benoa), Indonesia

    Immerse yourself in nature, discover Bali's heritage and explore spiritual temples.

    Day 63 - Bali (Benoa), Indonesia

    Sample delights of Balinese cuisine and discover its influences, and relax on pristine shores.

    Day 64 - Lombok, Indonesia

    Walk along the white sands of Senggigi Beach or meet local artisans at nearby craft villages.

    Day 65 - Komodo, Indonesia

    Encounter the indigenous Komodo dragon at Komodo National Park or snorkel at Pink Beach.

    Day 66 - Sail the Timor Sea

    Cross the Timor Sea, traveled by Indonesia's indigenous people for centuries.

    Day 67 - Darwin, Australia

    View the iconic Christ Church Cathedral or see wildlife including the jumping crocodiles.

    Day 68 - Darwin, Australia

    Explore Darwin, a relaxed city, and the largest in Australia's Northern Territory.

    Day 69 - Sail the Arafura Sea

    Travel through the Arafura Sea, whose floor once formed a dry land bridge between continents.

    Day 70 - Thursday Island, Australia

    Stroll this charming island town, meet the locals and learn about its history and culture.

    Day 71 - Sail the Coral Sea

    Traverse the Coral Sea and admire the azure waters, a paradise for divers.

    Day 72 - Cairns, Australia

    The seaside resort of Cairns is Australia's gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.

    Day 73 - Townsville, Australia

    Admire the mix of old and new architecture, stroll The Strand or learn about Aboriginal culture.

    Day 74 - Whitsunday Islands (Airlie Beach), Australia

    Indulge in the region's breathtaking scenery by coach, plane or catamaran in the archipelago.

    Day 75 - Sail the Australian Coast

    Learn more about Australia's intriguing history as you trace its scenic coastline.

    Day 76 - Brisbane, Australia

    See Queenslander and modern architecture, or venture to Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo.

    Day 77 - Sail the Australian Coast

    Discover the Australian coast that lures surfers and beach lovers with its dramatic waves.

    Day 78 - Newcastle, Australia

    Witness the scenic coastline with its ocean baths, or experience Hunter Valley's viniculture.

    Day 79 - Sydney, Australia

    Enjoy a boat ride through Sydney Harbour or climb the city's famous bridge.

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    Day 1Vancouver  
    Day 2The Inside Passage  
    Day 3Ketchikan  
    Day 4Sitka  
    Day 5Glacier Bay  
    Day 6Yakutat Bay  
    Day 7Valdez  
    Day 8Seward  
    Day 9Kodiak  
    Day 10Gulf of Alaska  
    Day 11Dutch Harbor  
    Day 12Sail the Bering Sea  
    Day 13Cross the International Date Line  
    Day 14Sail the North Pacific Ocean  
    Day 15Sail the North Pacific Ocean  
    Day 16Sail the North Pacific Ocean  
    Day 17Sail the Okhotsk Sea  
    Day 18Sail the Okhotsk Sea  
    Day 19Otaru  
    Day 20Otaru  
    Day 21Tsugaro Strait  
    Day 22Tokyo  
    Day 23Tokyo  
    Day 24Tokyo  
    Day 25Shimizu  
    Day 26Shimizu  
    Day 27Osaka  
    Day 28Hiroshima  
    Day 29Hiroshima  
    Day 30Beppu  
    Day 31Kagoshima  
    Day 32Nagasaki  
    Day 33Sail the East China Sea  
    Day 34Taipei  
    Day 35Sail the East China Sea  
    Day 36Hong Kong  
    Day 37Hong Kong  
    Day 38Hong Kong  
    Day 39Sail the South China Sea  
    Day 40Ha Long Bay  
    Day 41Ha Long Bay  
    Day 42Chan May  
    Day 43Sail the South China Sea  
    Day 44Ho Chi Minh City  
    Day 45Ho Chi Minh City  
    Day 46Ho Chi Minh City  
    Day 47Gulf of Thailand  
    Day 48Sihanoukville  
    Day 49Sihanoukville  
    Day 50Bangkok  
    Day 51Bangkok  
    Day 52Bangkok  
    Day 53Gulf of Thailand  
    Day 54Strait of Malacca  
    Day 55Kuala Lumpur  
    Day 56Singapore  
    Day 57Sail the Java Sea  
    Day 58Jakarta  
    Day 59Jakarta  
    Day 60Semarang  
    Day 61Surabaya  
    Day 62Bali  
    Day 63Bali  
    Day 64Lombok  
    Day 65Komodo  
    Day 66Sail the Timor Sea  
    Day 67Darwin  
    Day 68Darwin  
    Day 69Sail the Arafura Sea  
    Day 70Thursday Island  
    Day 71Sail the Coral Sea  
    Day 72Cairns  
    Day 73Townsville  
    Day 74Whitsunday Islands (Airlie Beach)  
    Day 75Sail the Australian Coast  
    Day 76Brisbane  
    Day 77Sail the Australian Coast  
    Day 78Newcastle  
    Day 79Sydney  

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