CELEBRATING 50 YEARS In small ship Cruising

The Variety Cruises passion remains unchanged since 1968: an alchemy that blends enriching oneself educationally and exploring the true identity of a destination, while enjoying the comforts and unique benefits of a small ship sailing the seas. Today, Variety Cruises is the number one fleet of small ships hosting no more than 71 guests on board our diverse boutique floating homes.

Imagine private beaches only accessible by small ship. Imagine an impeccable crew delivering warm, friendly and professional service. Imagine a secure and private environment. You have arrived: Variety Cruises. Variety Cruises will combine amazing destinations, the yacht suitable to your liking, professional crew and exquisite cuisine always with a local flavor. The perfect ingredients to the ultimate yacht cruise experience. All our small ships offer Ocean View cabins and 360 degree unobstructed views of the wonders of nature and splendors of the destinations visited. Deployed in the most authentic destinations worldwide in the Mediterranean, the Adriatic, Cuba, Costa Rica & Panama, West Africa and Iceland and more, the sky is the limit and our vessels are the ultimate floating homes..




  • 2021/22 - Antiquity to Byzantium

    From $1,341.00 (USD)

    Destination: Europe
    Ship: Galileo
    A voyage through history dedicated to the Golden Age of Greek civilization and beyond, this cruise comes complete with a guest lecturer, Eug...

  • 2022 - Crossing the Panama Canal: Panama to Costa Rica

    From $1,971.00 (USD)

    Destination: Panama Canal
    Ship: Panorama
    A Costa Rica & Panama Canal cruise is one full of adventures, excitement and lifetime memories.

  • 2022 - Classical Greece

    From $2,422.00 (USD)

    Destination: Europe
    Ship: Harmony V
    Enjoy a harmonious balance between conventional cruising and private yachting, along with an exciting voyage of discovery, unraveling the ...

  • 2021/22/23 - Mini Cruises in the Garden of Eden

    From $1,369.00 (USD)

    Destination: Africa
    Ship: Pegasos
    There aren't many places on Earth where hawks-bill turtles feel so unthreatened that they come ashore in broad daylight to lay their eggs.

  • 2021/22/23 - Cruises in the Garden of Eden

    From $1,936.00 (USD)

    Destination: Africa
    Ship: Pegasos
    If an exotic Seychelles cruise is what you have always dreamed of, you are in the right place.

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